Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Recap...Holiday Edition

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Independence Day weekend!

Friday:  I escaped having to work on Friday.  It was a paid holiday, but certain travel/project commitments for my boss were leading me to have to work that day, but I got lucky!  So, on Thursday evening, I went to my parents' house to prepare for our weekend getaway.  We loaded up the camper and the dogs and traveled to my aunt and uncle's house about 1 hour away.  My family from Tennessee joined us also, so it was a mini reunion at the farm.  We all got to sit outside and enjoy the wonderful weather, my Dad made BBQ chicken (amazing!), and we had a little fireworks show.

Saturday:  My extended family had a fish fry in a neighboring town, so we all packed up the chairs and went to another aunt and uncle's house for some really good food.  I am so blessed to have such great cooks in my family.  I don't really like fish, but I did try a few pieces of fried catfish and it wasn't too bad.  I couldn't eat a lot of it though.  After a day spent in the hot sun, we returned back to our "camp" to enjoy the cooler evening and more conversation.  That night, we could watch 4 neighboring fireworks displays, so we didn't need to go anywhere.

Sunday:  My aunt made perhaps the best ever biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  I asked her to share her recipe, but her response is always the same:  "there is no recipe".  :)  My family from Tennessee headed home in the late morning.  It was so good to see them, because it doesn't happen very often.  We came home in the early afternoon and once home, we all set about to some chores.  I cleaned the camper while Dad mowed and Mom finished the laundry.  We did get to have a nice late afternoon/early evening together before I had to come home to prepare for the week. 

I learned over the weekend that I am not a fan of roosters.  I understand its all part of being on a farm, but these two (yes two) roosters would start around 3 am and go in rounds until after 10 am.  So not a fan.  I also came home with my feet and ankles completely eaten up by bug bites.  I must be really sweet because the bugs love me, even after I use a significant amount of repellant.   I'm so itchy, I'm using hydrocortisone like it's lotion.  However, it was a terrific weekend!

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