Thursday, July 9, 2015

Random Thoughts

I was having a really rough day yesterday, so I went home early and took a nap.  After waking up, my neck hurt so bad, I could barely move it.  It still feels bad today and it always seems to do this after I reschedule an appointment with my chiropractor.  WTF?

Yesterday's and today's temps are in the lower 70s.  Tomorrow it will be almost 100*.  Ugh.  And with all the rain, it is going to be very, very humid. 

Paying all your bills on time makes you feel so responsible and "adult-like", but boy does it suck to not have any "fun" money.

Seriously, the crafting withdrawals are getting really bad.  But, please refer to previous comment.

The moving boxes are creating clutter all around me at home and it is driving me crazy.  Just 17 days to go.

My birthday is in exactly 2 weeks.  I'm getting old.

I've already started to plan out my Christmas shopping.  Just a little though...

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