Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ten on Tuesday...Thursday

1.  Look at's Thursday before I'm posting this.  Oh well.

2.  Oh, I love my coffee....


3.  I'm catching up on my reading challenge and I have already got my next book order ready.

4.  Does anyone else feel like the first 5 months of the year went by way too fast?  How is it June?  This seems to be a frequent wondering.

5.  My hardy carnations aren't doing well on my patio.  I wonder if I need to put them in bigger pots. Carnations are my favorite flowers and I would hate to lose them.

6.  Have you ever heard of Jerry Seinfeld's method?  Not many have, but I like the idea and I'm considering incorporating it into my MK business. It doesn't require a lot of extensive tracking, but is also very visual.  I'm a very visual person.

7.  Am I the only person who can get really aggravated if I ask a question and don't get an answer?  I've asked this person the same question 3 times, and he still can't give me a straight answer.  The biggest frustration with this is that I can't move forward with his request (i.e., my job) without the answer to this question.

8.  It's time for a new planner and I haven't even started looking.  I'm considering changing the style I get because I've noticed that I don't use my planner the same way I used to.  However, I do love this one.  But I wonder if I would end up using it the way it should be used.

9.   I move in 52 days.  Time to start the moving check list.

10.  Ugh.  That means I have to pack and then...unpack.

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