Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This past weekend was pretty cool.  I got my hair done, spent time with family, played bingo (and broke even), spent time with friends, read, and started packing.

2.  Yes, I started packing.  I started with my cake supplies and other miscellaneous crap from my office closet.  Be prepared for pictures.

3.  Have you ever been so moved by a performers music that it can bring you to tears?

4.  Yes, this is very true:

When I find myself in times of trouble, Remus Lupin comes to me speaking words of wisdom, "Eat. You'll feel better." | Harry Potter

5.  All of the books I ordered have come in and now I have 4 new books to read.  New books make me so happy!

6. I believe it.  That's really no surprise when you think about it.

 Psychology facts - WTF fun facts

7.   A Dunkin Donuts opened up right by my apartment.  I've never been to one until this week.  We may have a problem...

8.  I actually got up early this morning and did a power walk.  So proud.

9.  My email inbox is currently sitting at 31 messages.  Ugh.

10.  Could I get this for my birthday?
More Happy Porcelain Mug in Gift Box

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