Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Recap...

Wow, two whole weeks since I last posted.  Life got a little crazy there for a while.  Ok, no.  Work.  Work got a little crazy there for a while.  Ugh.  However, I had a fantastic weekend and I hope you did too!

Friday:  I took the whole day off because, well, I deserved it.  After the exhausting few weeks I had, I decided I needed a break.  I spent the whole weekend with my parents and my dog.  She stayed with them during the week while I worked, so it was so nice to have her curled up next to me again.  I got to drink coffee on the patio, finish one book and start another, and I got to watch baby birds fly for the first time!  I have always wanted to see that.  I read for most of the day, but don't worry, I also did laundry.

Saturday:  We hit up a couple flea markets, where, sadly, I didn't find anything this time before going  to Hannibal for their annual festival.  There were about twice the number of vendors this year than last year.  I got some doggie treats for the girls, another Project Lydia necklace, and then I got to go into one of my favorite coffee shops and get some special coffee.  We ate at a local brewery; it was the first time there for me.  It was a really cool place too.  We stopped at a winery on the way home that evening and I got some wine to take home and we listened to a nice local band on the patio.  It was a very awesome day!

Sunday:  I read all. day. long.  Literally.  I read while drinking coffee on the patio and watching the birds.  I read while it rained during most of the day.  I read while eating snacks.  I read while eating dinner.  I read all day long and it was nice.

Monday:  I purposely did not pick up my book in the morning because I knew there was work to be done to prepare for this coming weekend.  I did drink my coffee on the patio and watch the birds for a while, but then it was down to the basement to prepare the items for our annual garage sale.  That took less than two hours though.  Then, it was back onto the patio to listen to music, watch the birds, and read some more.  When I finally got home, I gave myself a very much needed manicure, put things away, prepared hummingbird food (I have four or five birds!), and read some more.  HeeHee.  I love when I can devote a lot of time to reading.

This past weekend was amazing!!  It made coming back to reality that much harder.

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