Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap...

What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  I hope you got to spend some quality time with your mom, and if you have children, I hope you got lots of love!  I don't have children, but I do have a furry baby by the name of Melody.  She kept snuggling so close last night I had to keep pushing her off my back while I was trying to sleep.  :)

Friday:  I stayed at work late (on a Friday!) to try and get some things that need to get done for this big event in five days, but sadly, they didn't get finished.  I'm not going to complain about work though...  Anyway, I got to go to my parents' house for the weekend.  My dad was camping, so it was just Mom and I.  And, we got to be really lazy.  It was much deserved for her, and lots of fun for me.  I got to read my book and start a new one, enjoy some of the shows I don't get to see often, and spend time with Mom. 

Saturday:  I had to make a quick errand in the morning, but the rest of the day was spent listening to the rain, reading some more, and just relaxing.  Mom and I got to spend some real quality time together.  I also think I did about 6 loads of laundry.  Wow.

Sunday:  Dad came home and he and I did a few chores while mom relaxed.  Then, I made homemade hamburger patties.  FYI, this is a really big deal because I hate touching raw meat.  I was so proud of the patties though.  They are all evenly sized and looked so great!  I also made pasta salad while Dad grilled.  Then, as a family, we watched some cheesy older movies together, (much to Dad's dismay) before it was time to go home. 

It was a great weekend!   How was yours?

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