Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  I went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday and met some cool new people!  I had a lot of fun and when I needed to leave, it was nice to see that they wanted me to stay longer.  However, unlike them, I did not have anyone that could get me home safely, so I had to be responsible.  Not like that's much of a stretch.  I'm always the responsible one.  :)  When I got home, I was so tired, but I still had to pack for the weekend at my parents.

Saturday:  I was up early and on the road to my parents' and it was a nice relaxing morning on the patio watching the birds and reading my book.  Dad was kind enough to wash my car for me since it was the one we decided to take to the game the next day.  In the afternoon, Mom and I got pedicures!  It was my first for the season and it felt so good!  I tried to sit outside some more in the evening, but my allergies got the best of me and I had to go inside.  That night, I did end up watching the movie based on a book from one of my favorite series.  As a movie, it wasn't bad.  I enjoyed it, but I couldn't help but point out how many details were wrong.  Some of the casting was great, though!

Sunday:  Up early again to prepare for a long day at the ballpark.  The weather was terrific.  During the game it got to be about 80-85 degrees.  The ballpark is a two hour drive from home, so my mom, dad, grandma, and I piled into my car and stopped along the way for a quick lunch where we met up with my uncle and cousin.  We got to the park an hour before the game.  It was Grandma's birthday and she loves the STL Cardinals and hadn't been to the new stadium yet, so this was a great gift for her.  We managed to stay in the shade for a very large portion of the day (yay me!--I bought the tickets).  They went into extra innings for the third day in a row, and after the 12th, we decided to leave.  It had been a really long game and we had a long drive home.  The Cardinals won in 14 innings.  We stopped for dinner on the way home and after taking a shower, I was having a really hard time keeping my eyes open.  I started to fall asleep in the chair around 9:20 pm.  It was definitely time for bed.

How was your weekend?  Did you have a good one?

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Katie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend-- especially since baseball was involved! :)