Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I need a change of scenery.  Very badly!

2.  School is out for the summer and all of the college students are gone.  However, I ran into a lot of traffic on my way home yesterday and again this morning.  What gives?

3.  At the conference last week, I was standing off to the side thinking about something and an attendee came up to me saying "Smile!".  WTF?!  I was deep in thought and have Bitchy Resting Face.  You don't know me.  Back off.

4.  My allergies are bad this week.  Even with the medicine and eye drops, I shouldn't even bother wearing eye make up.  :)  Ever have that problem?

5.  May was so busy and stressful, that I didn't get much opportunity to work my business.  This happens every year.  By June, it's like starting all over again.

6.  Has anyone ever made a terrarium?  I'm very interested in having one, but are they hard to make?  I definitely want to have a dinosaur in mine.  I think it looks cool.

I WILL MAKE THIS SOME DAY AND IT WILL MAKE ME SUPER HAPPY. I just want a totally legit and non creepy way to have dinosaurs in my home... is that too much to ask for?

7. Some of the best film scores ever belong to the Harry Potter series.  Just sayin'....

8.  This would be so cool to do!  Especially in a rental.

Fabric Wall Treatment Using Starch

9.  I think I'm going to spend another weekend getting caught up on my reading.  I am now 3 books behind schedule.  I am determined to accomplish this goal.

10.  What goals do you have for the year?

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