Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was a bit of a wash out.  I had plans to get some things done, but my biggest accomplishment was reading a lot of my book.

Friday:  After a busy week, I picked up Chinese food for dinner and spent the rest of the evening throwing Melody's ball and watching Will & Grace.  Seriously, I don't do much on Friday nights.  Then again, I'm not invited out a lot on Fridays.

Saturday:  I woke up to the sound of a gentle rain outside.  It was so peaceful.  The rain this weekend was perfect, straight down, light, and not wicked.  So relaxing.  I turned on some music and spent the morning and most of the afternoon reading.  I basically read until it was time to go out to dinner with a friend.  The food was amazing, by the way. 

Sunday:  Sunday was another rainy day.  I had planned to get some plants for my patio, but that didn't happen.  I didn't even put actual clothes (meaning:  gym wear) until about 3 pm.  It was another day of gentle rain and I spent the morning and the early afternoon reading some more.  I read until I couldn't read anymore, and then came to a decision:  either clean/organize my home office, or watch an epic movie.  The epic movie won out.  I ended up watching two of the Lord of the Rings series before it was time to get ready for bed.  I've been wanting to watch the series recently, but haven't had a good opportunity to devote the time to it. 

All in all, it was a terrific weekend!  What did you do?

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