Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This is pretty true.  Are there any other Leo women who might agree?

leo zodiac | Tumblr

2.  Do you know what is a really good feeling?  Having a clean house.  I hadn't really cleaned in a couple months.  This became very apparent over the weekend.  Last night, I spent almost 2 hours really cleaning; including dusting, bathtubs, etc.  It looks so great now!  It really is a good feeling;  like a weight has been lifted.

3.  With the clean house, there is still the problem of my office organization.  :(

4.  Do you know another really good feeling?  Paying all your bills before they are due.

5.  Even if doing so leaves you with no extra money to spend.  At least the bills are paid.  :)

6.  I'm not sure what's happening lately, but I've been easily confused.  I am having a hard time keeping things straight.  Anyone else have this problem?

7.  So, I'm kind of interested in doing a "Flat Stanley" thing, for no other reason than to have fun and take photos of a paper doll.  Would anyone be interested in participating?

8.  Want to know how many questions I've asked on this blog that don't get answered?  I've lost count...  :)

9.  Les Miserables is seriously kicking my ass!  It's quite the undertaking for me, but I'm enjoying it.  I'm almost halfway through, and its all downhill from there, right?

10.  This post finally went live on Wednesday.  So what?  :)

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