Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have been a very bad blogger.  :(

2.  There is a big event on Thursday that I have to present at.  This is a fancy one too.  EEK!

3.  Did you have a good Easter?  I know my weekend was so great!

4.  It is very rainy today.  This shirt would be perfect:

yes please

5.  In my vanity is a collection of headbands.  I used to wear them all the time.  However, I've noticed lately that I don't wear many of them anymore.  I think there are probably 2 that I wear.  It may be time to clean them out and get rid of those I don't wear.  Does anyone else have this problem with hair accessories?

6.  Administrative Professionals Week is coming up.  Administrative Professionals Day is April 22.  If you have an admin that supports you at work, please show your appreciation.  A card and coffee can go a long way.   Just sayin'....

7.  OMG!  How true are these?  I can remember my experience with each and every one of them. 

8.  It's official.  I haven't had the ability to commit more than a hour to reading at a time and I have officially gone behind schedule on my reading challenge.

9.  Celebrating two birthdays this month and I don't have anything planned yet!  The first one is next week.  Good thing I have ideas.

10.  My refrigerator is looking pretty bleak, along with my pantry.  Must go grocery shopping....soon.

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