Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Recap...

I'm not entirely sure I was ready for this past weekend to end.  It was so amazing, I wanted just one more day.

Friday:  I had to do a little grocery shopping after work, but then I spent the evening getting ready for the MK appointments I had over the weekend.  My bag is starting to get really heavy, so I think it is time to finally switch out my old cases (10.5 years!) for the newer, lighter trays. I also got a new rug for my home office.  It's pretty cool!  I'd show you a picture, but that space is in need of a clean up.  Also, I made an MK sale while sitting on the couch!  I love my MK!

Saturday:  I had a double facial in the morning with a mother and daughter and they were so much fun!  They reminded me a little bit of me and my mom.  I was able to teach the mother, who never wears makeup, to apply foundation, color, and mascara!  She looked so great!  To round out the morning, I had a great sale with those too.  Then, it was off to lunch.  Mexican is one of my favorite types of food, and there is a great restaurant just down the road from me.  After lunch, I hung out with my mom while she got her hair done, then it was back to her house to get ready for bingo.  I won!  Mom won!  We each got our money back and it's always fun to play.

Sunday:  Dad made pancakes for breakfast!  This guy could have his own food truck or restaurant if he wanted to. Seriously.  I helped my grandma out with a few small tasks around her house before going to my second appointment.  This one was a class with four girls who were also a lot of fun!  I did a trial custom bridal look for the bride and her friends really liked it.  She's getting married in the fall, so we have lots of time to decide on the perfect look.  This party ended with awesome sales too!  Then, I got back to enjoy some time on the patio and made a few more sales!  Yay!!  To round out the weekend, my mom made her fabulous chicken cordon bleu, which is ahhhh..mazing! 

Seriously, I needed one more day to recover from this past weekend.  It was so great and just happened to be the best week ever for my business!!!  I love that!

How was your weekend?

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