Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Recap...

Happy Monday! (?)

Not feeling too hot today, but this weekend had so many great things!  Did you see my post from last Thursday?  Really, go say hi!

Friday:  After work I headed to the grocery store to get snacks for the weekend ahead.  We were going to receive about 2 inches of ice over the weekend with really cold temperatures and I was not heading out in that.  I ended up spending a lot more than I planned, but I got three bottles of wine, some of my favorite cheese, and other snacks and a big magazine.   The rest of the night was a typical Friday night; my night to decompress after the long week.

Saturday:  I had plans to be productive, but instead the only productive thing I did was finish my book and not much else.  I spent the whole day inside with my sweet puppy, who ironically, does not like to snuggle much when the weather is cold.  Even though she doesn't have an undercoat.  Surprisingly, the temperatures reached about 40 degrees, so most of the snow we received last week melted and I was able to take my dog for a walk.  She really liked that. 

Sunday:  I forced myself to clean out my file cabinet.  It's been in desperate need of a clean out for months, but I kept putting it off.  I took my time, and it ended up taking a couple hours.  I managed to clean out a lot of papers I didn't need anymore; most of which need to be shredded.  I still need to organize the files, but at least it is cleaned out.  I spent a lot of time on the floor between the file cabinet and playing with Melody that I am so sore today.  I feel like I did about 100 squats. 

How was your weekend?

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