Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Usually the fabulous Alyssa hosts Ten on Tuesday, but in case you haven't heard, she's had an adorable baby boy!  Go over and say hi!

2.  I'm still posting my ten things because I really want to!

3.  I was working on a crochet afghan for Annie and added 5 skeins to it this weekend.  I was almost finished when I laid it out to see how big it was and realized that I had really f*ed it up.  Badly.  I ended up having to take the whole thing out in order to start over.  This was 12 skeins of yarn...

4.  My Goodreads challenge makes me very happy.  For a slow reader, I'm doing so well!  I enjoy seeing that I am 2 books ahead of schedule!

5.  I've had a headache for past day and half.  It doesn't completely go away.  I guess I will have to break out the headache medication.  :(

6.  Do you ever have something that you've had to deal with, that you were excited to see end only to then realize its the damn thing that will never go away?  Seriously having issues dealing with a certain work project.  It will not go away!

7.  I love this:
Walt Disney Pictures presents

8.  Have you visited my IRL best friend?  She's pretty cool, I promise!  :)

9.  The Oscars were on this past Sunday and this was the first time in about 8 years that I didn't watch it.  I actually completely forgot that it was on.  Weird.

10.  I desperately want to make my apartment more inspiring and a reflection of me, but I can't paint because I rent.  The walls are boring almond white.  :(  Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Katrin said...

I am two books ahead of my schedule as well. And I did not even read much in February! Missed the Oscars too!