Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Can it really be December already?

2.  Do you ever leave your cell phone at home and then feel completely naked without it?  I'm not even a person whose phone is glued to their hand either.

3.  The Black Friday sale was a flop.  :(

4.  So far, I have put up 7 Christmas trees.  One of them is my great grandmother's vintage 1950s aluminum tree. However, the top piece is missing, so I am looking for replacement pieces.

5.  Yesterday at work, I had 95% of my work done by lunchtime.  Pretty impressive.

6.  I may have taken up crochet and am about to start an important project, but I am having some serious crafting withdrawals. 

7.  While looking through my car's center console, I found a couple of Christmas CDs that are some of my favorites, but I didn't see the one I love the most.  I figured that it would be at home somewhere.  Actually, it was still in my car's CD player...a year later.  That made me laugh really hard for a minute or two. Have you ever done something like that?

8.  Oh how I long for a desk that faces the door instead of facing a wall with my back to the door.  There are people who do not realize how big of a problem this is.

9.  I've got a facial tonight!  It's a Mary Kay Day!

10.  Join in here.

1 comment:

Martha Woods said...

I can't stand having my back to the door! I agree it's a problem.

Yay for facials!