Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend did not go as planned.  Except, I did get to sleep in.  I had a project list that was two pages long.  I think I crossed off 5 items on that list. 

Friday:  I went out to dinner with a fellow MK girl.  We had a good talk and got to enjoy some super delicious pizza.  I love pizza.  After dinner, I spent the evening relaxing and playing with Melody.  I started to take my hat I made apart because it ended up being too big. 

Saturday:  I got a couple of things done on my project list, but not enough.  Instead, I went to a new flea market that was HUGE!!  An hour and a half later, I went for a late lunch before returning home to try and get some more things done.  I managed to finish my hat and it fits a lot better now.  Melody took up most of my time in the evening, so I really didn't do a whole lot.

Sunday:  I slept late.  Has anyone else been really tired lately, or is it just me?  A couple more projects were completed before I went to my parents' to pick up my Christmas decorations.  Thanks Daddy for helping me carry it all!  After spending some time with the family, I came home and got to decorating.  I wasn't planning to put out my decorations, but once it was all there, the bug got to me.  Two hours later, I was finished.  They look so great!

What was your weekend like?  Did you do anything productive?

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