Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap...

After looking at the calendar, it seems that I have plans every weekend until the end of the year.  What about you?

Friday:  After completing a grueling 10 hour organization project at work, I was completely exhausted when I got home.  I decided to pick up dinner, drank some much deserved champagne, and spent the evening on my couch.  I tried to crochet and was making a lot of progress.  That is, until I really looked at it on Sunday and ended up having to pull out over half of it because I had really screwed up.  I think I am just going to put this to the side for a while and come back to it later.  I've screwed this project up no less than 10 times already.

Saturday:  I started my weekend with a facial at the studio which was awesome!  I love starting my weekends with Mary Kay!  Afterward, I picked up Annie from the groomer and hit up a couple new flea markets with my mom.  We didn't find anything this time around, but that's alright.  The weather was really nice and it was good to get out for a while.  That night was Bingo night and as much fun as it is to play, it's really frustrating when the same 5-6 people win multiple times every month.  That gets old really quick.

Sunday:  A day spent completely relaxing.  It was the last really nice day for weather we will have in a long time, so we spent pretty much all of it outside.  The dogs played hard all day long and I enjoyed the sun and warmer temperature while it lasted.  When I got home, I gave myself a manicure and prepared for the week ahead.  Sunday was such a relaxing day and not a whole lot got accomplished.

What did you do over the weekend?

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