Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  What is this?  11 days without a post?  That's odd.

2.  My retreat two weekends ago was awesome!  I was soaking in the atmosphere as everyone was saying goodbye and I kept thinking "I don't want to leave!"  I was really enjoying all of the positiveness, the stories, the camaraderie, everything!  Big dreams were made that weekend.  A plan is being put in place.

3.  Have I mentioned that I'm learning to crochet?  I think so.  Right now, I am working on a hat for my dad.  I hope he 1) likes it, and 2) wears it.  :)  I've made a lot of progress in just three short weeks (or so).

4.  I can't believe that this Friday is Halloween!  We have a big event at work that day that I am in charge of and I hope it goes well.

5.  The weather last weekend was way too hot for late October.  Temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s is way too hot for fall.  A cold front moved through last night and we are back to normal now.  I love it!

6.  I took a nice bike ride on the trail this past weekend.  It was nice weather (even if it was a little warm).  I took Mrs. P and Little A along as this was his birthday gift from me.  Being a nature kid that likes to spend time outside, this was a great idea.  He had a good time and I was so proud of him for going the full 12 miles!

7.  My favorite work shoes are starting to rub blisters on my feet.  :(

8.  I got Melody some Halloween socks and watching her walk in them was like watching a horse trot.  Way too cute!

9.  This past weekend, I made a list (as always) of things that needed to get done and made a lot of progress!  This makes me very happy.

10.  Are you dressing up for Halloween?  I usually do, but this year, I've decided not to.


Martha Woods said...

I hope your Halloween event goes well! They're letting people dress up at work this year but sadly I won't be there that night :(

Katrin said...

So cool that you are learning how to crochet!I want to learn it too! But I still need to finish the scarf I started knitting last winter!
That definitely sounds too warm for fall! I love fall weather!
Halloween socks are fantastic!