Friday, October 17, 2014

Morning Bliss

To me, one of the best feelings ever is going to bed at night knowing that you don't have to set the alarm clock.  Especially if that night is a weeknight.  I have today off from work and I am so happy and excited, I can barely contain myself.

This morning was so peaceful in my apartment with only the sound of my fan, even with the window open.  I was able to wake up naturally, which was just a little before 8:30 am.  That's incredibly awesome and I have loved slowly drinking my morning coffee and preparing for my day. 

I've got a lunch date this afternoon that I am really excited about.  I haven't seen this friend in over a year, so it's been way too long since we got together.  Our schedules have finally matched up so we can do this. 

I can't wait for this weekend, but I will tell you all about it on Monday with my Weekend Recap.  I'm so excited!

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