Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was awesome!  It was a rainy and cloudy weekend, so I took full advantage of that to relax.  I did make a list and got a lot accomplished, but I must say, two days is not enough time to fully unwind from the previous week and prepare for the next.  Am I right?

Friday:  I picked up my dress and it looks so much better now.  I also got dog food for Melody and that was the last store I visited for the weekend.  I spent the rest of the evening chilling with Melody and enjoying multiple glasses of wine.

Saturday:  It's so nice to sleep in.  I really do like waking up on my own without the sound of an alarm clock.  I watched many people move into the neighborhood and I have tried to determine who my neighbors are and what they are like.  I think a girl with two small dogs moved in downstairs.  Some of the guys I saw had really nice arm muscles.  :)  I accomplished some things on my list and I even made French Macaroons for the first time!  I love macaroons and the ones I made were chocolate with raspberry or vanilla filling.  Yum!

Sunday:  More time spent on the pallet in the living room and more time spent getting things accomplished.  Most of the items on my to-do list were writing intensive and I am happy to say that I got a lot of it done!  I also spent a lot of time brushing Melody.  She had some serious knots in her hair and I didn't want to shave her again, so I spent a lot of time brushing her.  She's fluffy again and I think I did a really good job getting the knots out.

Overall, a very relaxing weekend, yet productive as well.  What did you do?

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