Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's so hot in my office.  It's about 85 degrees in here, making it very hard to work.  Ugh.  :(

2.  I am almost done with A Tale of Two Cities!!  I've got 108 pages left to go.

3.  The Giver opens next weekend.  I really want to see it.  I remember the book from 6th grade!

4. Every time I watch an episode of Friends, I always forget just how much I love that show and how funny it is.

5.  Speaking of which, I would really like to have this mug:

6. I have a musical station on Pandora that plays a lot of Rent songs.  However, after almost 2 years, it has yet to play "Seasons of Love".   Hmm....

7.  I've got a whole bunch of fresh cherry and grape tomatoes.  Guess how excited I am?  Hint:  Super excited!

8.  Tonight could be a first for me.  Stay tuned!

9.  As of today, we have 141 days until Christmas Eve.  I've started planning, have you?  I know just how much I need to allocate at each pay period in order to be finished by Thanksgiving.  That's my goal.

10.  Which actor/actress would you like to have lunch with?

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