Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was really nice, even if it was a busy one.  The weather was near perfect and I spent a lot of time outside.

Friday:  My mom and I mowed my grandma's yard, and then prepared food for a family reunion the next day.  When we finally got to rest, we got caught up on some HGTV. 

Saturday:  Mom and I enjoyed some coffee/tea on the back patio while watching the birds.  We filled the feeders that morning and by the evening, they were empty.  I got to try out the seat cushions I made and they make such a big difference when sitting outside!  We traveled about an hour to a family reunion and stopped at a garage sale on the way.  Our finds included 6 movies, two purses, and 4 stock pots.  Awesome!  The reunion was a a park and thank goodness for the wind.  It may not have been nice when we were trying to eat, but without the wind, we wouldn't have spent 5 hours at the park and had such a  good time. Afterwards, some of us went to my aunt's house to sit outside some more under a big shade tree.  It's always so peaceful there.  We didn't get home until 8 pm and we ended up watching some more HGTV, had dinner, and watched a movie.  It was a really nice day.

Sunday:  Before my dad came home from camping, Mom and I put the canopy back up over the patio and it made such a huge difference.  I don't like the sun beating directly on my face, so I love having the canopy up.  Melody got to play outside while we watched the birds some more.  They are always entertaining.  After helping Dad unload, we went out to his favorite place to celebrate Father's Day.   Some more relaxing on the patio and I made it home just before it started to rain a little bit.  Sadly, I had to turn the air conditioner back on. 

Now, after months of something going on every weekend, I am looking forward to one with nothing but pool time planned.

How was your weekend?  Did you get to do anything exciting?

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