Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I didn't get my weekend recap post up yesterday.  Here's a quickie recap:  slept in, read by the pool, read in my living room, played with my dog, thoroughly cleaned my apartment, scrubbed my entire kitchen, watched movies, and played Mario.

2.  I've started taking a B12 vitamin to help with energy throughout the day, but I have yet to see a difference yet.

3.  My scale yesterday said I lost 10 pounds in two weeks.  Is that a joke?  This can't be right.

4.  Meredith Brooks' song Bitch is currently playing on my Pandora and I sometimes forget just how much I love that song.

5.  Family vacation is coming up and I am excited. 

6.  The really big event that I was in charge of on Friday went way better than expected.  We planned for 200 people and had over 300 in attendance!

7.  What did I do after my little workout yesterday?  I ate pizza.  And a lot of it. No shame.

8.  I want this.  It'd be perfect in my coffee kitchen.

9.  I did so much cleaning over the weekend, I think I accidentally bleached my t-shirt.

10.  I've got an idea for a new series to add to this little blog.  I've just got to figure out how to get interest in it and implement it....


Alyssa Whitt said...

1. Played Mario! I love it.
5. Me too! Woop woop!
6. That's awesome!
7. YES! There is never shame in pizza.
Thanks for linking up this week!

Kim @ Kimberleys Quests said...

1. Sounds like a great weekend!
2. Stick with it, I've been taking Iron supplements for close to a year now, and it took a while but now I actually feel a difference when I don't take them (and not just when I see the blood test results)- it seems like sometimes this stuff works!
4. Love that feeling, an old song that you rediscover.
5. WHOOO! Vacation
7. Best life choice, ever!
9. Hate that. I am always so nervous at work about doing that, did it once to a sweater and I never got over it!
10. Do it. I'm trying the same thing with my blog, and I'm nervous, I didn't quite get the response I'd envisioned- but I'm sure everyone has to keep trying before their blog things get popular. So, do it! Let me know if I can help :)

Julie @ Homegrown State of Mind said...

2. B12 is the best! You should start to see a difference soon.
3. Way to go!
4. That song brings back high school memories! Haha! Love it!
5. Yay for vacation!
8. Love that coffee sign.

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