Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's Tuesday!  Look at me go!

2.  My visit with family over the weekend was great.  Family are good in small doses.  I got to see relatives I haven't seen in 8 years.

3.  This coming weekend is the first one in over a month that I don't have something planned.  It's going to stay that way.

4.  I think a Harry Potter movie marathon is in order.

5.  I've got so many projects in the works at home, it's not even funny.  They have all be started but none have been completed.  I can think of 6 off the top of my head.

6.  As I typed that last sentence, 4 more came to mind.

7.  Thanks goes out to my dad for his fantastic paint job on three treasures I found over Memorial weekend!  I can't wait to get those projects completed.  :)

8.  I noticed today that I really need to update my reading list page.  Yikes!

9.  The weather is really hot and humid here.  Boo!  We didn't have a spring at all.  Straight into summer.

10.  My favorite thing about summer is my birthday.  :)


Alyssa Whitt said...

1. YAY!!
3. Nothing wrong with that! Those make for good weekends!
9. Basically. Our springs are always super short.
10. I'm jealous! I've always wished my birthday was in the summer!

Thanks for linking up!

Martha Woods said...

Boo for humid weather! I dislike that about summer. Yay for your birthday though! Summer birthdays are awesome (or maybe I'm just biased :D )

Lin said...

1. There's definitely something about today cause I too have managed to post, on time :)
2. Family. Only in small doses is the way I do it. Glad you had fun.
3. Love the "nothing planned" weekends. They always involve me sleeping in a bit and lounging on the couch watching all my favorite old movies on Netflix.
4. Yes, just like this!
5. Same here. Work keeps me super busy. Sometimes I close my office door and sneak in a nap whenever I can haha.
6. Ick...don't think about it anymore.
7. Dad's are the freakin' best.
8. Ooh I should grab a few off your list. I just read 'Sharp Object'. It was good, but strange if you don't mind mystery/suspense/murder & girls with issues
9. Eww. It's just been super hot here. Guess that happens when you live in the desert.
10. Yay for birthdays! Have anything special planned?