Friday, May 23, 2014

This Week

Seriously, is this week over with yet?  I'm done with it.

First, there was the phone issue.

Then, certain people didn't listen to me, even thought I explained something three different times and three different ways.

Others couldn't communicate well with me to tell me what they wanted.

I got rear-ended yesterday morning while waiting in the drive through line at McDonald's.  I have a small screw-head shaped mark on my bumper now.  Get this:  I was stopped when this happened.  Completely stopped.  In line.

I dropped sauce from my lunch today on my shirt, right in the middle of my chest and I can't get it cleaned well enough.  Story of my life.

I came home on Wednesday to discover that they taped off my patio door in order to prepare for painting the new balcony.  This means that I had to haul my bistro set, 4 flower pots, shepherd's hook, humming bird feeder, and potty patch up the stairs and find a place for them in my apartment because the crew had moved it all down into my neighbor's space.  Had I known they were coming that day, I would have moved the stuff myself.

I also had to change my/Melody's whole routine because of this.  Not to mention, since I couldn't open my patio door to let the breeze in, I had to turn on the air conditioner.  Grr...

I am way behind on three big projects.  One is work related, the other two are personal.

The weather has been incredibly hot and humid this week.

Poor management on someone's part has created a small emergency for me.

First World Problems, everyone.

On the plus side, I did finish another book this week.

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