Thursday, May 15, 2014

Random Thursday: Spring Cleaning Tips

I haven't done a Random Thursday post in a while, but I'm kind of excited about this one.

I try to stay organized all year.  I work hard to make sure that things get put back where they go and I don't like clutter at all.  If you were to see a picture of my office closet right now, you wouldn't agree with that last statement.  But have no fear, I am about to tackle that project soon!

Also, I don't "spring clean" just in the spring.  I do it at least twice a year:  spring and fall.  Here is what I do:

Go through your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator.  Get rid of anything that is expired.  If you have multiple packages of anything that can be combined, put them together.  Too many containers/packages take up a lot of space.  Take everything out from under the sink and purge/reorganize.

Get into the closets.  The best thing to do is to take everything out of the closet.  Seriously, do this.  Go through each item one by one and answer the following questions:  Does it fit?  Have I worn this in the last 12 months?  Does this have sentimental value?  Does this actually belong in here?  Can it be sold/donated?  Take serious consideration on the first question.  There is no reason to hold onto something because you "might fit into it again" because you are going to "diet and exercise".  You need clothes that fit you now.  Anything else just takes up space.

Break out the cleaning supplies and gloves.  Give every surface of your home a thorough cleaning.  This means bathrooms, corners, trim, cobwebs in the upper corners, windows, etc.  I've even taken down my vertical blinds and cleaned them individually.  Yes, this part may be gross, but its the best thing you can do for yourself.

If you have pets, go through their toys.  Get rid of those that are beyond repair and the ones they don't play with regularly.  Throw their bedding in the wash if you haven't done that in a while.

Finally, get those windows open!  All of them!  And leave them open for as many days as possible.  It's time to air out that home of yours.  Trust me, you will feel so much better.

Depending on the size of your home, this process could take you a few days.  Don't get discouraged, just do one thing at a time and move on to the next once that thing is completed.  Don't get sidetracked and finish what you started. Most importantly, if you are serious about cleaning, don't sit down until you are sure you are finished.  Once you sit down to "rest" you will not get back up and finish.  Believe's happened before.

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Katrin said...

I agree, I try to keep everything organized all the time but sometimes you just need to go through all your stuff and get rid of things. My bathroom cabinet is waiting for me...
Thanks for linking up, dear!