Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap...

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I know I did, even with the severe weather that came through our area.

Friday:  I helped wrap up and clean up after a big event after work and then went home to chill for a little bit and walk Melody around the neighborhood.  After all of that, I went out with some friends for a much deserved drink after a long week.  Even though I only worked three days last week, it was a very long week.

Saturday:  I slept in and by doing so, I was able to recoup after our road trip.  Finally.  I had to go to the store for some items for dinner that night, but I had to go in the morning because the meal I was cooking for Mrs. P too 7 hours in the crock pot.  Once I got the dinner going, I decided to bake dessert as well, just so it was done.  Well, come to find out, I needed an egg and didn't have any.  So it was back to the store.  After dessert was finished, I accidentally fell asleep on the couch for over an hour.  Oops.  That's alright, because I was still able to shower and get the house ready for Mrs. P's visit.  We had a great night together with dinner, champagne, wine, laughter, and a little bit of Disney.

Sunday:  The weather was nice enough to enjoy coffee on the patio on the morning.  I still can't wait for the fountain to make its comeback.  I really do miss that thing.  After breakfast, I got ready for a memorial service and met my mom at her place.  The service was very nice, but severe weather came through almost right after and we barely made it home before the storm started.  The power went out and 4 hours later, it was still out when I left.  My place had power though, so I was able to relax.  However, when I went to bed, the sirens went off, so it was out of bed to check the weather.  The tornado warning wasn't for my city, but I still watched the news until I knew I could go back to bed without worrying.  As a result, I overslept a little today.  I will made it to work on time though.

How was your weekend?

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