Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's been a whole week since I last posted?  Wow.  I guess I was a little busy.

2.  This past weekend I got to see a couple of cousins I haven't seen in a while, met a friend's boyfriend, got to spend some time with my parents, got a pedicure, walked the trail twice, and gave a facial to an old friend.  Awesome!

3.  The internet in my apartment has stopped working.  I hope the technician can get it fixed fast.

4.  I give a presentation at an important banquet on Thursday and I'm a little nervous.

5.  My weight must have shifted because my best dresses don't fit right anymore.  Got to fix that right now!

6.  Because of an urge to watch Disney movies, the past few days I have watched:  Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid.

7.  Yesterday, my pens for work were delivered and it was the highlight of my work day.  Sad, I know.

8.  My goal to look more put together every day has been going really well.  After three months, I think I might be able to keep this up.

9.  84 days remain to reach my big goal.

10.  Having the windows open every day has been so nice!  I still close them at night, but getting that fresh air circulating can't be beat.


Alyssa Whitt said...

2. Sounds like a great weekend!
3. A nightmare!
6. NICE.
7. Hahaha. Totally understandable.
8. I get on those kicks every once in a while. Those are usually followed by jeans and tshirts kicks.
Thanks for linking up! You're awesome.

Tasia Tumbaga said...

2. Sounds like a fun weekend!
4. Exciting! You can do it!!
6. I'm pretty sure that watching Disney movies is the best way to spend kill time.
7. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being excited about pens! I once spent the entire night looking up pens online (writer problems). :D
10. There really is nothing like fresh spring air!