Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Look!  It's Tuesday and I am posting this on time!!

2.  I have a MK booking every day this week.  I cannot believe that!  It's so exciting!!

3.  We are 2.5 weeks out from our biggest event of the year at work.  Still a lot to do.

4.  In order to complete my reading challenge, I need to read 4 books a month from now until the end of the year. 

5.  I really like these shoes.  They are perfect for long day wear and are still cute.

6.  I like these sandals too.  I can wear them anywhere and with anything.

7.  Yep:

8.  I want this shirt:

9.  I feel really good right now.  I've got two months left in my planner, but I've already decided on my next one.  :)

10.  What is something you are pursuing right now?  I'd love to do a feature on this blog that shares stories and goals of the readers.  You know, something that ties to the tagline up there. 

1 comment:

Martha Woods said...

I like those pumps--they look like they would be easy to walk in! (So important for work!)