Friday, April 25, 2014

Letters to Me

I saw this on Alyssa's blog and thought it was just too cute.  I wanted to join in on the fun.

Ms. Attitude,
You need to finish me.  The recipient is coming over tomorrow and you still have work to do.  Get on it. 
--Mrs. P's Birthday Gift

Ms. Attitude,
You're 67 days away from that deadline you gave yourself.  Put your nose to the grindstone and get working.  Taking a week off isn't going to help you.  Remember to work full circle.

Ms. Attitude,
Don't procrastinate anymore than necessary.  They may be a month late in completing me, but it's up to you to get the last bit finished.  You're comments don't need to be much, but should convey your goals.  It's time to finish.
--Your Annual Evaluation

Ms. Attitude,
I'm getting closer.  Hang in there!  You can do it!  I'm not going to judge you if you decide to stop by the vending machine in the final stretch.  Just know that I'm making my way towards you.  It's almost time.

Ms. Attitude,
You can do better.  Stop slacking.  Make time for me.
--Your Goodreads Reading Challenge

Ms. Attitude,
Don't be sad!  I'm getting fixed and will be back soon.  They just confirmed it.  No need to frown.  I know you look for me every day.  I'll be back, I promise.
--Pond Fountain

Ms. Attitude,
You are a nerd.  That's okay though.  Be you, because you are awesome!

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Alyssa Whitt said...

Glad you joined me!
...I seriously need to make a prettier button...