Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend involved a few projects and some family time.

Friday:  After the week I had at work, I was flat out exhausted, so I spent the whole evening drinking wine, eating snacks, play Mario, and loving on my dog.  That was my whole night and it was awesome!

Saturday:  My uncle has been in the hospital this week, so I went to visit him for a while, along with my grandpa and aunt.  It was a nice visit; too bad about the circumstances though.  He's doing better, so fingers crossed he gets out on today.

After the family time, I came home and started in on the projects.  I have two cabinets on my dresser.  I use one for t-shirts and one for my sweat pants and shorts.  I have another drawer that I use for my pajamas.  Recently, this layout hadn't been working out too well.   I had way too many shirts for the cabinet (they were shoved in and falling out), plus, the pajamas were too much for the drawer and were always falling behind.  Well, I decided first to go through my t-shirts.  I had 38 t-shirts!  That's a lot of t-shirts, but I love them!  Two weren't mind, they belonged to my dad.  Four of them were pajama shirts (but couldn't fit in the drawer!).  I sorted and managed to get my collection down to 22 shirts.  The pajama shirts are not included because they have been officially moved.  The after photos may not show it well, but the "after" is so much better!


Then, it was on to the photos.  This project is so daunting and exhausting it required over four hours of just sorting.  Also, it deserves a post of its own.

Sunday:  I worked on my photos some more after going to lunch with my parents.  The weather acted screwy and the temperatures dropped to just above 30 degrees, so I had no choice but to turn the heat back on.  Boo!!!!  I can't wait to turn it off again, which should be sometime this week.  The rest of Sunday was relaxing.  I had other projects I wanted to work on, but I didn't have the energy to do so.  I guess my to-do list is going to grow again.

How was your weekend?

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