Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random Thursday: The Worst Thing I've Ever Eaten

When this week's topic came up, I knew the answer immediately!

Mussels.  By far the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten!  I can't stand the taste and especially the texture.  My family and friends can devour them in minutes and I am completely grossed out by them.  I tried to eat them once at a restaurant while out with some family and I swear I nearly vomited at the table.  Blech!  So gross.

Following closely are mushrooms of any type.  It's a texture thing.  Although, I do like mushroom sauce.


Lin said...

*barf* My dad loves mussels. He's tried for years to get me to try them but yeah, that's NEVER going to happen. Ever.

I'm with you on the mushroom thing. They're gross and totally skeeve me out when I see them growing in the wild. Not really sure why.

Katrin said...

I have never tried mussels. I did not want to try them when I still ate meat but I can imagine that the texture is weird!
I have tried some mushrooms once which were really slimy. Did not like them at all but I do love mushrooms in general!
Thanks for linking up, dear!

Kim @ Kimberleys Quests said...

Yeah, I'm with you on both. I grew up near the ocean but could never stomach any kind of seafood except the standard fish & chips at a pub. Mussels and clams are particularly gross in my eyes.
And mushrooms are just as bad. I mean it's a freakin' fungus! Why would you eat that?!?!!?!