Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  My work closed campus today.  Free snow day!

2.  To Do list for the day includes items like:  manicure, read book, write.

3.  I have the SATC series on DVD and when I took the quiz about "which character are you", I was Miranda.  I knew that already though.
23 Times Miranda Proved She Was The Most Empowering Character On "Sex And The City"
4.  I am still thinking about overhauling the design in my apartment to be ultra feminine simply, because I can.

5.  Miss Melody has bee curled up in her crate all day.  She looks so sweet.

6.  Can someone please tell me where January went?  How is it already February?

7.  I came home from work on Friday to see this lovely gift waiting for me.  Thanks so much AG!

8.  I made deliciously spaghetti last night for dinner and I am really looking forward to leftovers tonight!

9.  There are a few posts that I am working on that are more personal than anything I have posted in a while.  I've alluded to them recently, so stay tuned.

10.  Is anyone else facing the snowstorm this week?  We have another round coming this weekend.  I hope it isn't too bad because I have a lot going on this weekend.


Alyssa Whitt said...

1. Yay! I enjoyed mine last week!
2. I like it.
4. Oh PLEEEASE do it!
6. I know!!
10. Supposedly we might get some flurries this weekend. But last time they said "a few flurries" the Winter Gridlock happened.
THANK you for linking up each week!

Martha Woods said...

You're not the only one shocked to suddenly wake up in February--the past month really flew by in a hurry!!

Allison Green said...

so glad you liked the package!! Hope you are having a good day!