Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap...

Sometimes, plans change.

Friday:  I spent the evening playing with Melody, enjoying homemade Sweet and Sour Chicken, and playing Mario Bros.  Fridays are my chill days.  I don't do much of anything on Friday nights.  The construction crew finally finished the expansion of my deck (which I didn't even know was happening until I called the office--stupid communicators) and I didn't think two extra feet in length would make much of a difference, but it's really nice now.  Especially since they replaced all of the floorboards, so now I can walk out there with out stubbing my tow on a nail or worrying about something falling between the cracks.

Saturday:  While drinking my morning coffee, I made out my to do list for the weekend that filled an entire page of notebook paper.  I was pretty excited about it, actually.  "Finish book", "Manicure", "Get Bookings", "Go to Dog Park"....and so on.  Since the weather was alright (upper 30s), I took Melody to the do park to let her run for a bit and socialize.  We barely stayed there an hour because the wind was awful.  She did play a little bit with a beagle puppy, so it was a success.  When we got home, I ate lunch and was thinking about what I would do next on my list (the book was running high), when I got a call from my mom.  There was a water urgency that resulted from a busted dishwasher.  I took off for the house and the rest of the night was spent running to three different hardware stores, helping to remove the old dishwasher, helping to install the new dishwasher, cleaning up from the mess, and thanking a friend profusely for their help.  It was quite the night.  We were all exhausted when it was all over.


(the amount of geese at the park was a site to behold)

Sunday:  Since I was at my parents, I was able to do my laundry for free (:)), and catch up on some shows on the DVR and HGTV.  Mom and I played Super Mario Bros. and I have to say it is really difficult playing that game with more than one person.  So not used to that.  I thought I had erased all of the progress I had made previously, but when I got home, I learned I had not.  Yay!  I got home later than expected, but was still able to give myself a manicure and do a face mask.  It was obvious when the cold front came through last night because the wind was insane.  I can't stand the wind we've had recently.

How was your weekend?  Below is a picture of what I woke up to this morning.  My little eleven pound dog takes up over half of my queen size bed.  She's lucky she's cute.


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