Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was kind of productive and pretty relaxing.  The weather was really nice for winter, even if we did get a little thunderstorm on Friday.  At least it washed the dirt off the sidewalks.  Although, now everything is a muddy mess.

Friday:  A friend and I went out to dinner at a great Mexican restaurant and finally saw the Hobbit.  We both loved me the movie.  I thought it was a lot better than the first, but Orlando Bloom looked different in this one.  Not sure what that was about.  Melly spent the weekend with my parents so that she could play with Annie.

Saturday:  I managed to go through my mail and file any paper work, instead of letting it collect for about a month.  That was a big accomplishment.  I also did about 2.5 weeks worth of laundry.  That was exhausting, but I was able to read while I waited.  The rest of the day was spent pretty much just reading.  I watched a little Family Guy, but I was determined to finish my book this weekend since I didn't have Melly and that's what I did. 

Sunday:  After making some cupcakes, I went to my parents for the afternoon and ended up staying because I wasn't really feeling well.  My dad was determined to take care of me and make sure I got better, so I spent the evening watching the Golden Globes and drinking a disgusting hot toddy.  Gross.  As much as I enjoy fashion, film, and television, if you are looking for my picks on the best and worst dressed, you came to the wrong place.  I don't sort through all of the photos to find my favorites and not-so-favorites.  It was a great show though.

How was your weekend?

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