Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I'm late on posting this again.  Oh well, it happens sometimes.

2.  2 Unlimited's Twilight Zone is currently playing on my Pandora station and it's bring back memories of cheerleading practice.

3.  I experienced a huge disappointment yesterday and I could have spent the night crying, but I didn't.  I'm moving forward no matter how uncertain or hard it is.  Maybe I'll cry another time, but now is not that time.

4.  For the first time in month's, I woke up rested and have a lot of energy today.  I hope it's not a fluke.

5.  I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl this weekend.  I usually watch most of the and the commercials, but I'm really looking forward to time with friends and some yummy food.

6.  Do you ever have a goal that you wonder if you'll ever complete it?  I do right now.

7.  I have a hair appointment this afternoon that I am really looking forward to.  It may not include color, but my hair really needs a trim.  Badly...

8.  Valentine's Day is coming up.....

9.  I'm getting kind of hungry.

10.  The fan in my office broke.  Now, I'm wearing a sweater in 85 degree heat.

1 comment:

Alyssa Whitt said...

1. I could care less how late you are because you always have a great 10!
3. I'm sorry. =(
4. I want this to happen to me!!
8. Hahaha. Grumpy cat...
Thank you for always linking up!