Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

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1.  Check out that new logo!  It's pretty cool.

2.  I believe that the people running the management office for my apartment don't have enough common sense to do so.  We just got a freeze alert and a notice to drip our water pipes and not turn off our heat until further notice.  Duh!  Shouldn't we have gotten that message on Sunday or yesterday when it was 30 below? 

3.  Speaking of which, do they plan to pay my utility bill after I've wasted all that water?

4.  I have an awesome living wallpaper on my smartphone.  It's three dimensional and shows the current weather conditions.  This was what it looked like over the weekend.

5.  I got a gift card to Barnes and Noble for Christmas that I am really looking forward to using today.  I had put books in my "shopping cart" the other day, but now they are all gone, so I have to start all over.  That's ok though because I am going to be getting some new books!

6.  After my awesome December month, my January calendar looks so bare.  I kind of miss all of the appointments and reminders. 

7.  I think I watched 10 movies over the weekend.  One was Gone with the Wind, which is a 4 hour commitment.  I enjoy weekends where I can do that.  It was the perfect weekend for movie watching and puppy snuggling.

8.  I can't decide what to do for dinner tonight:  tacos or casserole?

9.  I don't think I was ready to come back to work.  Maybe it's just the weather. 

10.  Why is it so difficult to have a 2'x3' corkboard for under $30?  I really want one for my home office but they are over $40. My goodness.  It's just cork.

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Alyssa Whitt said...

1. Glad you like it!
5. That's so funny. I JUST used a gift card there I got for Christmas.
7. My favorite! Well obviously. =)
8. Tacos. Always tacos.

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