Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random Thursday: My Favorite Snack Food

We're talking about food today!

I am a snack lover!  It's bad.  What makes it bad is that I typically snack on sweet stuff.  Forget all the healthy things you should be snacking on like almonds and fruit.  Psh! Those aren't snacks.  No, give me the good stuff.

My favorite snack to eat anytime is a warm tortilla with sour cream.  So yummy!

Then, we get into the sweet stuff.  The following are perfect for movies, reading, television, etc.   I've been known to sneak these into the theater in my purse because they don't sell them there! (Yes, I'm that person)

The best gummy bears EVER!!!

Then, when I feel like I need to balance the sugar high, I sometimes get a craving for dip.  I love dip.  I could make a meal out of various types of dip as long as I had chips, crackers, vegetables, whatever.  Mmm...dip is good.

Finally, when I'm really in the mood to binge, and I mean, really in the mood, I will bring out the best snack for doing so.  You can't eat just one of these.  I have eaten a whole box in one setting before.  I don't care how old I get, I think I will still want these when the mood strikes.  Actually, I have to force myself not to buy them because they are so tasty in my opinion.  Very seldom do I allow myself to purchase these at the store.  I have no self control.

What's your favorite snack food?  Link up here.


Kitty and June said...

You and my hubs are snack besties! Ha! That boy would eat an entire bag of skittles (like from Costco) in one setting! My fav snack is popcorn and nachos. Love me a salty snack!

Katrin said...

I love dips too! Dips are awesome! :) I was totally surprised to see that Haribo is so big in America. I mean, it is a German company and they are usually not that popular in America. :) Thanks for linking up, dear!

Martha Woods said...

I love chips and dip! I rarely buy chips anymore because I won't stop until all of the dip is gone. :P

Lin said...

Oh my gawd...I swear we were raised in the same household haha. Seeing the photo of Gushers brought back some serious memories of grade school haha. My mom would always put those or a fruit by the foot in my lunch bag. Man, I need to pick some up of everything on your list next time I'm at the store.

Red Vines are the best! I like to use it a straw when drinking my soda at theater haha. Yeah, I'm still 10 yrs old sometimes.