Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random Thursday: Books to Read in 2014

Time for some Random Thursday fun! 

I could go through tons of photos to post pictures of the books I want to read, but that would take forever, so I'm going to do that.  The best way to see what I want to read this year is to look at my Reading List.  I've made a lot of progress since I started this list, but there is still 38 books on that list that I haven't gotten to yet.  Eight of them were just ordered on Tuesday with the gift card I received at Christmas. 

I've started my first book for the year this week.  In order for me to complete every book that is currently on my reading list, I will need to ready just over 3 books a month.  That doesn't seem like much to some people.  I know someone who can read 3 books in a weekend.  However, I am a very slow reader and typically only read during my lunch hour.  I guess this could be a big goal for me.  Finish this reading list in 2014 and start a new list.  Taking into consideration my plans for the year, I wonder if this will be a possibility.

I can't believe how much progress I've made on classic books.  I've read 9 of the 15 on the list and all that is left are the most intimidating ones.  I say that because of the language and the way the book is written.  Some of these are really old books, but I have faith that I can read them and maybe even enjoy them.  One of my favorite classic books from 2013 was Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  That was a big surprise!

So these are the books I plan to read in 2014.  What do you want to read this year?  Join in on the fun!


Katrin said...

Good luck with your reading list! I really wish I could find some more time to read. I want to read at least 50 books this year!
Thanks for always linking up, sweetie!

M. said...

I think it's great that you're getting through a list - particularly the classics! I never regret reading one, but I always struggle to get into them. I loved Wuthering Heights when I read it as a teenager, and A Christmas Carol is definitely a favourite. I'm so impressed you're going to tackle Les Mis and War& Peace - I tried that one twice and couldn't get through it! Good luck! said...

I used to be such a big reader, but hardly find the time these days. (More like I don't make the time...) It's a goal of mine to get back into it! Good luck with your list ... you have some great picks in there!