Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  It started to rain/sleet/snow during the morning hours, so I left work early to try and finish my Christmas shopping.  It poured down rain for 8 solid hours.  I have never been so happy to see snow than I was at 6:00 that night.  I didn't get all of my shopping done.  I have an idea on how to finish up one person, and I am still on the search for a great gift for my last person.  I need that one by this Friday night, so I had better hustle!  The rest of the evening was spent with Christmas movies.

Saturday:  I did absolutely nothing all day.  Nothing.  It was great too.  At 4 pm, I got ready for Christmas party #5 and had a blast.  I've been going with my grandma to her bank party (she's a retiree) for the past 3 years now and I love it.  It was held in a different place this year.  It's wasn't too bad either.  There was a awkward layout though.  But, I met new people and had a great chat with someone my age for a change.

Sunday:  I had planned to go see the Hobbit with a friend, but when I called to confirm, our plans changed because she still hasn't seen the first one.  Silly girl.  :)  So, those plans are put on hold until next weekend (hopefully) and I spent the day making treats and watching a Christmas movie.  Melody lounged all day while I worked in the kitchen.  I made the decision to go to Walmart for my supplies and that was a very bad idea.  It was crowded with people who were inconsiderate and blocked the main aisles.  I had a hard time getting to what I needed and I spent way too much money for baking supplies.  I blame all the crazy people and not my love of baking treats.  :)

How was your weekend?  I would love to know what you did to pass the time.

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