Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Can you believe its Tuesday already?  Link up here.

1.  I have been making a lot of treats in the past couple of days.  I made this, this, this, and these.  I plan to package all this up as gifts for the people at work.

2.  Totally
very true

3. We got snow this past weekend.  It was so pretty, but now the temperature is going up into the 40s and 50s, which means it will all melt and we will have mud for Christmas.  Boo!

4.  I only have two people left to buy for on my list.  I plan to finish one of them today.  I know what I'm getting the other one, I just have to wait until I get paid tomorrow.

5.  Do you have to pay personal property taxes?  Mine went up $80 this year.

6.  Speaking of bills, I turned my heat on and my utility bill went up $30.  Could my Christmas lights contribute to that?

7.  I haven't crafted in a while.  Maybe I should revisit my craft pin board.

8.    There is something that has been on my mind and now I've been using this as inspiration.  I've got big dreams but am afraid.  There.  I said it.  I should hang this somewhere.


9.  Melody has been taking over my bed at night.  It's a queen size bed.  I start in the middle, but in the morning, I wake up on the very edge and unable to roll over because someone is in my way.

10.  There was a really interesting meeting scheduled for today and then it got cancelled.  Now I'm sad.

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AG said...

Hey there! The Dragon on the Shelf is really easy. Someone starts it out and gives it to one person in the office (with it doing something funny or fitting the person) and then that person has to pass it on to the next person by doing something with it that's funny/fitting to that person. So basically it's like the elf on the shelf with everyone participating. :)