Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

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1.  I don't believe that this actually happened.

2.  Today is Christmas Party #4 and I was in charge of the committee planning it.  It should be a blast.

3.  I finished A Christmas Carol this weekend and I loved it!  Now, I am reading How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas.

4.  Melody has been sick with a sore throat so we haven't slept well for the past few nights.  She wakes up around 3 am and gets sick.  Gross.  Last night was a little better.  Honey seemed to help.

5.  I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping and I want to get it done by this weekend.  I turn into a power shopper before the week is out.

6.  It's been really cold here lately, but it only snowed about half an inch.  That sucks.  If it's going to be cold, give me something pretty to look at.

7.  This coming weekend is going to be another busy one.  I wonder if I will get everything done that I want to.

8.  What's your favorite Christmas Carol?  Mine is Carol of the Bells, followed closely by What Child is This?

9.  It's amazing how the mornings around my apartment are so incredibly peaceful when I have to get up and do things, but it's the opposite at night when I'm trying to sleep.

10.  I decided that I wanted to look nicer today and am wearing a skirt for the first time in months!  I even have on new tights.  :)  It's the little things that make me happy.

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