Thursday, December 19, 2013

Random Thursday: What the Holidays Mean to Me

Can we all just take a minute to absorb the fact that Christmas is less than a week away?  Oh my goodness.

I love the holidays!  I really love to pick out the perfect gifts (I always theme them too!) and watch as the recipient opens them.  I enjoy decorating the tree (or trees) and listening to Christmas music.  I have multiple CDs of Christmas music, but I only rotate about two of them.  What can I say, they are my favorites.  And we can't forget the movies.  My goodness, the movies have been on rotation every night for the past couple of weeks.  The two movies we must watch as a family every year are A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.  Dad and I have both of those movies memorized and it drives my mom crazy.

It's always great to spend time with the family.  We don't travel far for the holidays and most of my family is scattered all over the country.  We do have some family close by though.  Every year, we have a big dinner with my Mom's family and that is always a good time.  There is always way too much food too.

One of my favorite traditions is going to my Grandma's house on Christmas Eve.  When I think back on all the years, its amazing how much things can change and stay the same all at the same time.  We always have the same meal and then we open gifts.  After the gifts are open, we sit around a chat until it's time to go home.  My cousin and I always play Santa when passing out the gifts.  It used to just be me until he was born and got old enough to read.  I'm not bitter though. ;) He used to dig into everyone's gifts, but now, we take turns going around the room so that everyone can join in the fun of opening the gifts.  We've lost a couple of members of this gathering over the years, but the traditions stay the same.  This year, though, we are changing things up and having a different meal (Dad volunteered to cook, but then transferred all of that responsibility to me :) ).  I'm actually really looking forward to it.

Something you might be interested to know about me is that I have never ever been an earlier riser.  This actually makes my mom frustrated on Christmas morning.  Even though I am always super excited to receive gifts (always!) and even more excited to give the gifts, I have never been one that is up at the crack of dawn.  Usually, I am woken up by my parents.  Last year, I was planning on setting my alarm and getting up before them, but they decided to open gifts after we on back from Grandma's on Christmas Eve.  Way to spoil my plans Mom and Dad!  :)

Since it's just the three of us on Christmas Day, it's usually pretty low key.  We open gifts and after we clean up, we have a very simple breakfast. Usually cinnamon rolls or something like that.  Then, we spend the day watching movies, enjoying our gifts (every year, there seems to be something that has to be put together), and preparing for dinner.  The meal has always been the same, but this year we are doing something different.  Can you see a trend here?  This was Dad's idea and me and mom are not against it.  I'm looking forward to Christmas and the wonderful time with my family. 

Although, sometimes, small doses are all that you need.  :)

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Katrin said...

Your holidays definitely sound fantastic to me! I hope you will have a wonderful time!
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