Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Recap...

Did you have a good weekend?  A big cold front came through our area and it was really cold outside all weekend. Luckily, I didn't have to spend a lot of time outside.

Friday:  I've been working on my puzzle every night for the past week and I am only about half way through.  It's a very difficult puzzle because at least 500 of the pieces are orange and yellow.  Crazy.

Saturday:  I went shopping in the early part of the day with my mom.  I was able to finish my grandma's gifts and cross her off my list.  Now, I am left with the most difficult people to shop for.  I've got 5 people to go.  Melody and I then went to my parents to spend some time together.  I spent the evening getting caught up on some televisions shows and fell asleep in the chair. 

Sunday:  Sunday morning was lazy and then the afternoon was spent helping Dad with some chores before he would help me carry up all of the Christmas decorations from the basement.  While my mom was gone and my dad was busying himself with chores outside, I spent the entire afternoon putting up Christmas decorations.  We've never put the decorations up before Thanksgiving before, but we have company coming for dinner on Thursday and we wanted to have them up for that.  Don't worry, my decorations are still waiting to be loaded up in my car this weekend so that I can decorate next week. 

PS--Giveaway announcement coming tomorrow!

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AG said...

I need to decorate!! I'd like to have it done tomorrow afternoon. It's the first time I've ever wanted to do it before thanksgiving too! P.S. I used my orange mug yesterday and it's my new favorite. :)