Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ten on Tuesday--Includes Giveaway Winner

1.  The Starbucks Giveaway winner is AG!  Congratulations!  By the way, this girl is awesome.  You should totally check her out.

2.  It's amazing that when you take a day off of work, all kinds of fires have to be put out the next day.

3.  A very brief weekend recap:  the final weekend for the show went great!  I was asked to sign a program, received more flowers (Thanks Mrs. P!), watched the set come down in a matter of 3 hours, and closed the restaurant at the cast party.

4.  Yesterday was spent putting my place back in order and unpacking everything I used for the show.  I also spent a lot of time on laundry, but I got to hang out with my parents each individually, and that was very nice.

5.  Melody is back home!  Yay!  I have really missed her.

6.  My new book should be arriving either today or tomorrow.  I am beyond excited to read it.  I have waiting a year and a half to read this book.

7.  I actually had to break out the winter coat today.  The temperature was only 28* this morning when I left for work and it's only going to get up to 35*.  Of course though, by the weekend, it should be back in the upper 50s.

8.  I am making this recipe tonight.  Although, I am substituting chicken for the turkey.  I can't wait to try it.

9.  The cooler weather brings out my excitement for a favorite pastime of mine.  Puzzles!  I have already laid out the card table and the puzzle that I will tackle this coming weekend.  That is, if I don't get started on it sooner.

10.  Another giveaway coming tomorrow!

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Martha Woods said...

2. I hate that. I made the mistake of going on a long vacation this summer and oh my Lord, the number of things that needed fixed when I got back...ay.

3. Congrats!!

7. It's definitely winter. I'm just glad the snow isn't really sticking yet--I'm not ready to drive in it!