Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Recap...

I was able to find time to relax a little bit this weekend.  It was opening weekend for our show and I must say that it was fantastic!  There were just a few things that weren't planned, but it was great.  The audiences were wonderful and really enjoyed the show.  Yay!

Friday:  Second show was awesome!  My boss, supervisor, and others from work came to the show and I was so happy to have nailed each of my scenes.  My character has a lot of costume peices, so after I changed, it took a while to clean up.  By the time I had finished and returned all of my props, everyone but the directors had ditched.  WTH?  It didn't take that long, but I guess it was long enough.

Saturday:  I didn't end up going to the homecoming parade.  It's a little sad, but everyone I would watch the parade with was out of town and I was tired.  I ended up sleeping until 12:30 pm.  I haven't slept that late since I was in middle school.  Once I got up, I did fit in some movie time.  They were all Halloween themed of course:  Clue, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, The Nightmare Before Christmas.  The show that night went really well too.  There was this one particular woman in the front row that was really enjoying herself.  I loved it! 

Sunday:  I was up by 10 am and watched The Wizard of Oz before going to the theater.  I hadn't watched that movie in a very long time, so it was throughly enjoyed.  I still haven't figured out why the networks always play that show at Thanksgiving though.  (?)  The Sunday matinee went well, but the audience wasn't as great as the others.  They still enjoyed the show and we had a great time, it was just a little different.  After the show, I went to see my sweet Melody and to visit my parents for a while.  They are too wonderful for watching her while the show runs, but I missed her so much!  I hung out for a while, caught up on some shows, and did my laundry before coming home.  Melody will be with me for a few days since we don't have rehearsals this week.  When the show starts up again, she will go back to my parents.  It was so nice to have her in bed last night.  My sweet puppy!

How was your weekend?

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