Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was one that I had planned to do absolutely nothing for two straight days.  The reason being that our show opens this week and it will run for three weeks.  I needed some downtime.  Well, it didn't go entirely as planned.

Friday:  Rehearsal went late into the night, around 10 pm.  Then, I was able to relax.  I moved the coffee table to the side of the living room, pulled out the down comforter and my cosy blankets, along with the big pillows from my bed and camped out on the floor for a while finishing up the Home Improvement series on DVD. 

Saturday:  We had set build in the morning and after 4 hours of work, the set still wasn't completely finished.  I know that things will come together, but I'm getting nervous now because it will be a mad rush at the end.  I was also upset to learn that Mr. Diva and two other people didn't show up to help.  One had a good reason (funeral) but the other two didn't.  There was also a moment of embarrassment for me along with a "first time".  I was getting ready to paint part of the set with a couple other people when, after shaking the paint can a little bit, it fell from my hands from about waist high.  I'm not that tall, but the paint can fell, busted open, and 7/8 of the brand new paint went all over the floor, my shoes, and the bottom of my pants.  I wasn't concerned about me, but I felt terrible that I spilled the paint.  Never in my life have I ever dropped a paint can.  We were able to get a coat of paint up, but it needs a second and I'm not sure we have enough.  We may need to get more.  After set build, I went to the store to get some basics and then cleaned up my apartment a little.  I then spent the rest of the evening watching movies on my palette in the living room.

Sunday:  I slept in, which was nice.  Melody and I played and snuggled during breakfast and after watching another movie, I took her to my parents house.  They have graciously agreed to watch her during the run of the show because it will be late nights from here till the end.  I spent time with my parents, had a great dinner, and did my laundry before coming home to prepare for the week.  I have my makeup case packed, along with a bag with all of my hair stuff and necessities for the show.  We start running with full hair, makeup, and costumes tonight.  A few people were going to finish up the set on Sunday, so I will be curious to see if it is done tonight when we go in.  I doubt it.  I just have that feeling.

How was your weekend?

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