Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I don't believe this for one minute.

2.  There is a liquor store/Shell gas station by my apartment.  Last week, another liquor store/Shell gas station opened up right across the road.  WTH??

3.  We didn't have rehearsal last night (and no more until the show on Thursday), so I was able to have an actual dinner for the first time in over 4 weeks.  I may or may not have pigged out on my spaghetti.  It was so much tastier than the granola bars I have been living on as of late.

4.  Melody would not stop giving me kisses yesterday.  She is such a sweet little girl.

5.  I should change my job title to "official babysitter of grown people".

6.  The weather has been very sporadic lately.  Last week, it got down into the upper 20s and lower 30s at night.  This week, we are looking at the mid to upper 50s.  It's almost like spring.  That is, until it rained today.  Now its brisk again.

7.  I haven't bought a Christmas gift in a while.  I really need to get my butt in gear.  I don't want to be stressed out in December.

8.  Can you believe we have to change our clocks back this weekend?  I hate doing that.  I think it is really ridiculous.  Just pick a time and stay there.

9.  There is a big event next week that I am in charge of planning and nothing is getting done as well as I would like.  It seems that the next couple of days will be "nose to the grindstone" days.

10.  This is the first year in at least a decade that I will not be able to hand out candy on Halloween.  I will be on stage that night.


Martha Woods said...

I think Arizona has the right idea about the time change--as in, none at all! I have to work so I'm leaving candy in a pail on our porch. We always get the same trio of little boys who live in the neighborhood because they know I'll give them a monster handful of candy, so I don't want them to be disappointed when they come by and no one is home. :)

Alyssa Whitt said...

1. Oh for pitys sake. Heaven forbid you admit that sometimes your kid is just a little terror.
2. It's true that alcohol is recession proof!
6. It's like that here too! We're going up to 80 today and it was freezing last week. Makes me worry about storms...
7. I've bought one. Just one.
Thank you so much for linking up every week. It means a lot. =)