Friday, October 25, 2013

Opening Night

Our show opened last night.  And it went really well.  There were a lot of compliments to everyone too.  It wasn't perfect, I'll admit that I really flubbed up, but according to everyone else, including the director, you couldn't tell.  :) 

Tonight's performance will have a little bit of pressure though because my boss, supervisor, and a few other authority figures from work will be present.  Yikes!  I am very thankful that I was able to leave work early yesterday to rest my brain and prepare. 

Did I mention that I have terrific parents?  They sent me a gorgeous flower arrangement and 6 of my favorite candy bar (Snickers) yesterday.  All tied up in pretty green (my favorite color!) ribbon.  It really made me feel good. 

I am going to try and get a few photos tonight to document this awesome experience. 

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