Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Day in the Life

Yesterday was one of those days.  I remember saying, "I am so going to blog about this day."  It was one of those where you had to laugh in order to keep from falling apart.  Or in my case, snapping at everyone around you.  It all started around 7:15 am...

7:15--Running late, need coffee...wait, where's the coffee.  Check machine, brewed, but no water was added.  Ha!

7:33--Major accident on way to work.  Traffic backed up for a mile.  Getting hungry...need coffee

8:00--Finally at work, need coffee, going to Starbucks.  Drink is called, some girl behind me must have ordered a similar drink because she just took off with mine.  They remake my drink. Pumpkin Spice Latte with Soy and no foam.  :)

8:30--The flight we just paid $4K+ for was incorrect...she didn't check the dates well enough and we messed up the return...need to change flight times, but nothing is working with schedule.  Humph.

9:00--Was that one person invited to the reception?  No, okay send invitation.  How many people have RSVPed?  Only 4?  Oh, invitations were only received just a day ago.  Ok.  Trying to keep door shut to work on projects that need to get done.  No one respecting the closed door...

10:00--Still working on flight for lady.  Not getting any response. To do list is growing, but nothing is getting accomplished.  Have you made that one reservation?  Have you cancelled the other one? Do we have this yet?

10:30--Paper in inbox is overflowing.  The space we want for that last minute luncheon meeting isn't available.  Must find something asap. Still have to do those reports, but when?

11:00--Can you make these copies?  No rush.  Newspapers and books are cluttering the desk...
trying to work on huge mailing that should have gone out on Monday, can't even get the pages printed.

11:30--Still working on flight options.  What about the other ticket we need to book?

12:00--Finally time for lunch! 

1:00--Still working on flight options...invitations we want for luncheon on back order, have to get a different color, ugh...okay, can get invitations out by end of week, location yet...

1:30--Can you send us the list of new employees you had yesterday?  We need it for the meeting this afternoon...everything is last minute here...

2:00--Can you make copies of this please?  Need them right away.  That person said he didn't get the invitation.  Yes he did, I know I mailed it to him.  Call his assistant to try and track it down.  Nope, not in mailbox.  Give him a new one.

2:30--Still working on flight options.  WTH??

3:00--Big meeting starts in 30 minutes.  Not prepared and very nervous.  Just learned boss won't be in tomorrow.  Okay, that could be a good thing, but his flights for next month still aren't booked yet.

3:30--Big meeting in progress.  Meeting is running long.  Oh crap, I'm next and very nervous.

4:30--Okay, public speaking done for the must listen to everyone else.

5:05--Shit!  Meeting just ended...need to book it back to office to shut everything down before heading to rehearsal.  Do I have time to change? Still working on flight options...guy found his missing invitation, he now has two

5:30--Okay, time to change.  Must be quick.  Gee, the fridge is really least it's finally cool in apartment...

5:40--Got to go!  Thank goodness, traffic isn't bad tonight.  Wait, what is this 50 mph on the highway?

6:00--Just in time for rehearsal...okay, your turn to talk to reporter.  Show costumer idea for hairstyle..her idea isn't at all similar and will make me look old.  Boo!  I don't like that at all.  Ooh!  We get to wear rehearsal shirts now.  And here, this is a butt pad, you'll need that too to create the shape for the dresses.  Make simple comment on size of gun and everyone begins to make "That's what she said" jokes for the next 10 minutes...geez...decide to get shirt made with that on it, just to beat them to the punch...That's what she said!

6:30--Hey, we need to get the couch on stage for the first one moves...Hey!  How about the boys move the couch today?  Two guys do, but Mr. Diva doesn't budge an inch.  Dick!

6:50--Attempt to sit down wearing butt pad, almost fall from chair.  Note to self--over compensate for extra material.

7:???--Fellow actor says line wrong for a joke...did not see that coming, started laughing, then started choking and coughing...

Ten minutes later--still coughing and choking.  Everyone is laughing at me now.  Okay, first act over...time for break...fellow actor wants to discuss big scene, start to get into conversation and break is over.  Shit, we really need to talk about that.

8:??--Second act moving really well.  It's coming together.  Mr. Diva keeps screwing up, but not as bad today.  He's been starting a lot recently, that's kind of creepy...

9:00--Rehearsal over!   Discuss tomorrow's plans...costumer needs measurements...might as well watch fight practice...looks cool...okay time to go home...really busy day, didn't get anything accomplished.

9:30--Melly!  How's my sweet baby girl?!  Thanks Mom for watching dog and letting me stay here this week...need tastes good...dinner tastes good...

10:00--Two glasses of wine taste to get ready for tomorrow...lunch ready, coffee ready, clothes ready...

10:30--Mmm...bed feels nice, turn on Family Guy, pass out two minutes later

That was my Wednesday.

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AG said...

Wow!! That's quite a day. I remember when mine used to be something like that. You deserve the bottle of wine. :)